Cape Leisure brings bold, fresh new ideas and detailed systems and processes to hospitality management and concession contracts.

Founded in 2008, Cape Leisure is a hospitality management company specializing in outdoor recreational services within natural and historical settings. Management of recreation facilities with a varied mix of services is complicated and requires an experienced team able to support multi-purpose properties.  

Based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, our operations include locations along the Eastern Seaboard supporting both government and privately owned entities. Cape Leisure puts its proprietary systems and processes in place to ensure each guest has an extraordinary experience, and each owner flawless operations. Our approach to an integrated service solution gives each of our clients a personalized package of management services that addresses every detail of daily operations.  


Our Story

Our experience in concession and hospitality management began when we were chosen for management of the Natural Bridge of Virginia, a 1,700-acre hotel and attraction complex near Roanoke and the Blue Ridge Parkway. This remarkable property, a National Natural Landmark once owned by Thomas Jefferson, set the stage for Cape Leisure to secure additional management and concession contracts within other destinations: Florida State Parks, a National Park, and other locations of exceptional natural beauty and historical significance.

We continue to grow

Currently, the company operates six locations in Florida and Virginia, delivering visitor services including food and beverage, camp store and gift shop retail operations, recreational rentals, lodging and campground management, scenic boat tours, interpretive programming, event management and transportation. Marketing, facility/grounds maintenance and capital development are also included in the scope of all of Cape Leisure’s current and past contracts.


We aim to foster a love and appreciation for our destinations through recreational, interpretive, and cultural programming, all while protecting and preserving the precious resources with which we’ve been entrusted.


Our mission is to provide quality recreational experiences and support services that  engender an appreciation for the outdoors, promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen the community. Equally important, we achieve our mission in a financially, operationally and environmentally sustainable manner.

Like Minded Partners Wanted

We’re looking for additional opportunities to provide visitor and management services on behalf of both government and private destination owners.