front view of the historic Ribault Club building

The Ribault Club

Fort George Island Cultural State Park 
Management: August 2010 – Present

The Property

Named to commemorate French explorer Jean Ribault, who first claimed Fort George Island in 1562, The Ribault Club is situated in Fort George Island Cultural State Park, a site boasting 5,000 years of civilization in North Florida. 

The Ribault Club, built in 1927 as an exclusive resort, has hosted the likes of a young Nelson Rockefeller. After the Great Depression, the Club struggled to survive and over the ensuing decades, changed ownership many times. The club fell into disrepair until in 2003, when in a unique cooperative effort between Florida State Parks, the City of Jacksonville and the National Park Service, the Club was restored to its former opulence and splendor. The Ribault Club is now part of the Florida State Park system and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Under contract with the Florida Park Service, Cape Leisure handles event marketing, booking, planning and coordination services. This also includes building janitorial and light maintenance, landscape, and marketing/sales.

Management Strategies

Challenge: Provide comprehensive event management services within a historic property. Increase event bookings, manage sales and marketing, hire and maintain staff that offer concierge-style services, support off-site vendor services including food and beverage, event and floral décor, photography and video. Offer these services without physical detriment to the historic facility and grounds.

Strategy: Through a contractual partnership with the Florida Park Service, Cape Leisure put a strong sales force in place to build the wedding, private and corporate events business at the club. Through a cadre of professional wedding and event planners along with a strong support staff, we have increased sales to more than 70 events per year at The Ribault Club.

Cape Leisure has also provided facility improvements to give the property an updated presentation while remaining true to its historical roots. This includes major upgrades to pre-ceremony bride’s rooms, and introduction of a groom’s room outfitted with lounge chairs, sofa, and big screen television. We also secured funding for roof replacement, conducted regular interior painting, and performed light maintenance and repairs. In addition, Cape Leisure updated the warming kitchen equipment and improved/maintained perimeter landscaping.

Ribault Club bride and groom

Featured Services

Cape Leisure provides event marketing, booking, planning and coordination services for The Ribault Club. This includes:

  • Room Rentals

  • Outdoor Ceremony Planning and Setup

  • Wedding Planning

  • Decor Rentals

  • Daytime Guest Parking

  • Greeting and Interpretive Services to Daytime Visitors

  • Small Snack and Gift Shop Management

Partnership Opportunities

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